Miles Beyond - The Band

miles-beyond-verticalOver the years we have had the privilege of working with the area's finest musicians;

Al Koporc (Guitar), Chris Mann (Vocals), Justin Butcher (Bass Guitar), John Bremer (Bass Guitar), Alan Greene (Guitar), Tom Odegard (Harp),  Don Perry (Saxophone), Andrew Bonnis (Guitar), Al Bonnis (Guitar & Vocals), Randy Wischhusan (Drums & Congas), Rick Roth (Drums), Scott Neville (Guitar), Mike Penna (Bass). Rick Piunno (Guitar). 

For almost 40 years Mark Keiter (Drums) and Craig Shepp (Piano) have had the pleasure of being together in the various music menus since the 70's.

It is now our sincere pleasure to have with us the wonderful talents of Ron Greene (Vocals), Reggie Williams (Bass) and recently Matt Schenk (Guitar) a wonderful local talent.

Our sincere hope that we can help keep live music in our culture here locally.

Please support our efforts. 


Below is a sample of the songs that our fans have enjoyed LIVE over the years.....and we keep on adding!

      MOTOWN                                             BLUES                                               SLOW                    

I'll Be Around                                 Before you accuse me                             Stormy Monday                      

In the Midnight Hour                    Further on up the Road                               Little Wing                   

Get Ready                                              Red House                                      Always & Forever           

My Girl                                         Have Ever Loved a Woman                          Simple Man                 

Ain't too proud to beg                            Pride & Joy                                     Wonderful Tonight

Mustang Salley                                        Soul Man                                          Summertime

Can't Get Next toYou Babe                 Green Onions                         Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye                                           

Sugar Pie Honey Bun                          Thrill is Gone                                    Let's Stay Together                  

Just My Immagination                   Sweet Home Chicago                                     Georgia                                   

Roll with it Baby                                      Tore Down                                         Masquesrade      

Dancing in the Street                                                                               Sittin on the Dock of the Bay


                     CLASSIC ROCK                                                       DANCE                      

                        Coldshot                                                    Play that Funky Music

                   Come Together                                               I want to thank you…  

                      I'm a Man                                                         Feelin All Right                        

                    Southbound                                                       Moon Dance                                                   

                Cheap Sunglasses                                                 Brick House                

                       Legrange                                                            Use Me

                      Evil Ways                                                         Havin a Party

                   Good Clean Fun                                          Papa Was a Rollin  Stone

                   Unchain My Heart                                              Mustang Salley    

                   Jumpin Jack Flash                                               Low Down

                                                                                               Word Up